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Outranking the world as a prime investment destination, and rated one of the world’s most livable cities, Singapore is the Monaco of Asia, where the rich and famous prefer to reside due to its reputation for safety, connectivity and World Class First World living standards.

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Modern Good Class Bungalows (Sale)

good class bungalow

Completed in 2014, these THREE modern Good Class Bungalows are the perfect fit for the proud owners who desire to stay in a convenient location while enjoy the privacy and class of a Good Class Bungalow precinct.  Nestled in the prestigious Chatsworth Park enclave, one of the Good Class Bungalow’s plot …

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Good Class Bungalows (Sale)

good class bungalow

Chatsworth Park – the much sought-after Good Class Bungalow enclave that boasts of its proximity to the Orchard Road and Tanglin districts, and of course the lush natural greenery within and around it.  If you prefer contemporary architectural designs and a very functional and spacious living, then you would definitely …

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Three Black & White Elegant Good Class Bungalows (Sale)

good class bungalows

Charm Of Black and White Good Class Bungalows Beckon Black and white bungalows combined influences from Tudor England with features of the early indigenous Malay house, was popular from the turn of the 19th century.  As Queen Victoria’s reign gave way to that of her son Edward VII, this was …

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Exclusive Landed Homes In The Heart Of Orchard Road

good class bungalow

In an area where land is extremely valuable and scarce for homes, we are proud to present to you a rare opportunity to own a landed home right in the heart of Orchard Road. Located in the small One Tree Hill designated Semi-D zone, it is hard to find any …

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